Raised Pavement Markers

Night driving can be a risky operation if the roadway is not correctly highlighted. Here a Global linemarking we source only the best quality Raised Reflective Pavement Markers ( RRPM ) to ensure the safety of any person traveling on your project. Our Pavement Marker range have been specially selected by our team for the high level of reflectiveness. Unlike other inferior cats eyes our RRPMs can been seen from a far greater distance to ensure safer commuting on Australian roads.

We have also found that our range of pavement markers have a much longer life expectancy so they will continue to reflect well after the road is due to be remarked, this gives you as a client value for money as you will not be required to replace any markers as quickly as you would with other companies products.

Our crews are specialized in the installation of RRPMs and use the latest equipment to ensure not only a quality finished product but also for staff safety as our equipment minimises personal contact, which is a huge advantage to any jobsite aiming to achieve zero harm.

The fact that we at Global Linemarking Services can install Pavement Markers more efficiently than others, means that the product becomes more cost effective and we can pass the savings on to you!

Contact as today to see just how much you can save when using Global Linemarking to install RRPMs on your project.


Why Choose us?

At Global Linemarking we strongly believe that client satisfaction is number one. To ensure this, we will go above and beyond for our clients to make sure the service and final product they receive exceeds all expectations. This has meant we have always received repeat business.

We have the ability to provide personalised stencil work with laser cutter technology to ensure perfection every time. We can give your workplace an edge by applying your company name or logo to your premises.

Global is an Australian owned and operated company that carries $20m public liability insurance, full Work Cover Queensland polices for every member of our team and all required safety documentation to work on highest level of civil construction.

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