Cold Applied Plastic

Global Line Marking Services are industry leaders in the application of Cold Applied Plastic line marking (CAP). Thanks to our years of experience with the product and exception performances with CAP, Global Line Marking has acquired the status of TCP Degadur Approved Applicators.

Thanks to a fleet of highly advanced Cold Applied Plastic machines, our operators can achieve every form of linemarking with CAP, from single and double lines, to wide areas such as pedestrian crossings and arrows.

All of Global Line Markings operators have received in-depth training on the CAP Product, from its properties to its reactions, this is to ensure we deliver a perfect performance every time. Our crews specialize in a range of CAP products from SP1, Sprayable SP2 Degadur from TCP, to roll on ENNIS-FLINT Roadplast and ATLM.

Cold Applied Plastic is a rapidly growing first choice for all areas of Roadmarking and Linemarking. It can be seen throughout Australia at all ALDI stores, schools and warehouses, bike lane markings on roads and thresholds at intersections. All of which Global Linemarking have had a huge part to play in application.

As a part of being TCP Degadur Approved Applicators, we have been fortunate enough to use this product throughout Queensland at New South Wales, with the majority being applied in Brisbane City Council (BCC) and Logan City Council (LCC). Furthermore with the big push for improved cycle lanes throughout Brisbane, Global Linemarking have carried out a number of Bike way projects for many contractors.

The introduction of Bauxite (Anti-Skid aggregate) has allow Global Line Marking to achieve outstanding Grip Test and Skid Test results. This has improved the safety of all road users and in particular cycle riders, offering traction on the road that far surpasses anything used in the past.

For more information on how Global Linemarking can assist you on your project involve any form of Cold Applied Plastic Line Marking, please do not hesitate to contact a member of or friendly team and they can help you with the whole process or organize and obligation free quote.

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Cold Applied Plastic

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At Global Linemarking we strongly believe that client satisfaction is number one. To ensure this, we will go above and beyond for our clients to make sure the service and final product they receive exceeds all expectations. This has meant we have always received repeat business.

We have the ability to provide personalised stencil work with laser cutter technology to ensure perfection every time. We can give your workplace an edge by applying your company name or logo to your premises.

Global is an Australian owned and operated company that carries $20m public liability insurance, full Work Cover Queensland polices for every member of our team and all required safety documentation to work on highest level of civil construction.

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