Line Removal

Line Marking Removal is a fundamental part of all Line Marking in Australia. Global Linemarking Services are industry leaders in the many forms of linemarking removal. Our fleet of cutting edge line removal machinery range from heavy duty Line Grinders, for efficient removal on civil works, to the latest technology Line Scarifiers for minimal impressions on carpark surfaces. We can also offer complete non-invasive line removal for delicate and high profile surfaces, these methods include diamond and wire edge hand removal tools and various forms of black out paint materials.

All of our Line Removal techniques and machinery have proven over the years to be the most effective in their fields. Our motorised grinders and scarifiers are extremely efficient, which means it takes us a lot less time to do the same job as others, saving you time and money.

We have often been required to use our range of hand held equipment to remove redundant line marking from more fragile areas or locations were our clients want a perfectly smooth outcome without affecting the integrity of the surface.

Our range of blackout paint materials cover all areas of line removal locations. We can apply a quality chemical or water based paint for effective black out on car park and local roadway surfaces. For roads with high traffic volume we can off a two part Degadur Material, this is a Cold Applied Plastic paint (CAP) and is the only form of blackout accepted by the Department Of Main Roads.


Why Choose us?

At Global Linemarking we strongly believe that client satisfaction is number one. To ensure this, we will go above and beyond for our clients to make sure the service and final product they receive exceeds all expectations. This has meant we have always received repeat business.

We have the ability to provide personalised stencil work with laser cutter technology to ensure perfection every time. We can give your workplace an edge by applying your company name or logo to your premises.

Global is an Australian owned and operated company that carries $20m public liability insurance, full Work Cover Queensland polices for every member of our team and all required safety documentation to work on highest level of civil construction.

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Our team will work closely with you to seek out the most appropriate Line Removal method for your project, whether it be a small car park or multi-lane highway.

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